(Four Tickets) Short Tour- Green, Rattlesnake, Millionaire's Row

5th and 6th passengers are half price!

If the desired date for your tour is not available on the drop-down menu, please send us an email and let us know when you plan on coming. Maybe we can accommodate your travel plans!

This tour is around 40 minutes. You get a tour around Green island and then out to the private Rattlesnake Island, the home of some of the most wealthy residents of our state. We cannot land there because there are guards protecting the island! But you will hear all about it and see several more islands from that wide and far vantage point. You will then get to cruise back down "Millionaire's Row". You'll see the Freighter-on-the-Cliff and Swimmers Cove as well. There's no doubt why this economically priced tour is our most popular!

There are also opportunities for pictures along the way. It has a minimum of 4 passengers at $40.00 per person, and can take up to six passengers all at $40.00 per person. With six passengers we will be able to take more time, so call up a couple friends to go along!

You get to hear a history of Stones Cove and the Victory Hotel, Green Island (a bird sanctuary owned by Ohio State University). It is the perfect tour for a group that wants to get out on the water with the safety of a licensed captain and get a feel for boating on the Great Lakes.

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Price $160.00